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  I've been adopted, but some of my friends are still looking for a loving home.
Please take a look!

Buddy's Story (from Louise)

Let me tell you about the day my family took a ride in the car to the Jemez Mountains (oh boy! oh boy! oh boy!) and then everything went terribly wrong. As soon as the hatch was opened I bolted from the car, (like I always do) but my car took off fast and never returned. I tried to follow it for awhile but finally lost the scent.  The next 30 days were unimaginable.  It was March.  Need I say more?  It was cold and lonely.  There was snow and thunder at the same time.  The coyotes traveled in groups and stayed to themselves.  The constant hunger pangs and scrounging for food was exhausting and humiliating.    

One day when I was dumpster diving at Amanda’s Country Store this woman stopped her car and called, “Hey Buddy want to come with me?  Come here Buddy, I won’t hurt you.”  She looked trustworthy and I remembered some pretty good smells coming from her house last time I was in her neighborhood, but I had been tricked into trusting humans before.  I thought I might just follow her car home and see what would happen. After a short stint at the JVAA dog pen, I decided to stay with the lady and her husband for about six weeks.  It is called fostering humans.  After six weeks I determined they were not going to hurt me, and I was going to adopt them.  The food was really good, and the walks were regular and fun. 
Then there was that awful trip to the vet.  I am not proud of my behavior. I did not intend to scratch the Vet so hard that he bled, I was just really scared.  I could hear the whispered tones in the next room and heard the words Heartworm Stage II. That did not sound good.  The doctor said it is treatable but it would be difficult and painful.  Well, he wasn’t kidding.  I hurt so bad even my hair hurt.  I had to be on “house arrest” for six months.  In the end it was all worthwhile because I really love my family and I would not have adopted them without Jemez Valley Animal Amigos helping me at every step of the way.  They truly are my amigos. 

Misty Dog: Please adopt me!

"I am Misty dog, about 2 yrs. old and am now spayed and had all my shots. I love people a lot, but I am not nice around cats or those small yappy dogs.  I am very well behaved and just want your attention and love. I have been in foster care since March, so I am really getting anxious about not getting adopted. I am perfect for the home without any other pets, and I love to go for rides in the car. Please consider adopting me." 

UPDATE: "Misty was adopted in December 2011 after the foster mom's neighbors met and fell in love with her." Yay Misty!!!

Trooper Dog's Ordeal

by Lynne Kito June 11, 2010

Trooper was found as a stray dog in the county area of Valencia County on June 4th. He had a deep gouge all around his neck that was actively bleeding where a too small collar or chain once had been, that severely injured the neck area. His face was so swollen as well, either from the too tight collar or from the possible tying of the mouth shut when being used as a bait dog for dog fighting training. His ribs bulged through his body from lack of food and he was covered with ticks.

His condition was so severe but Patty Mugan of Valencia County Animal Control immediately recognized his sweet nature and fearless attitude. Patty was determined to find a rescue group that would save him and get him the medical attention he needed.

Patty called Jemez Valley Animal Amigos, a very small rescue group in the Jemez Valley because they have helped other abuse cases from Valencia County.  With JVAA's commitment to take on this dog, Patty could save him from immediate euthanasia.

Patty got him to Animal Amigos's partner vet, Southwest Vet in Corrales for treatment. The vet shaved and cleaned out the deep gouge around his neck, picked off more ticks and got him on pain medication and antibiotics for the infection that was bound to take hold. His badly swollen mouth would need time to heal and recede.

I picked up Trooper on Wed. to deliver him to a foster home in Santa Fe. Upon being greeted by Trooper at the vet, my hands were instantly bloodied just by grabbing his face to greet and love him. Trooper is such a sweet boy and doesn't act like he is hurting at all. It is amazing, but his lively spirit is still intact after all of that abuse!

Foster Mom Claire says he is such a happy boy; loves the female dogs at her house and just plays and plays with his toys. She is making him scrambled eggs and giving him soft canned dog food that he can manage to eat with his extremely sensitive mouth condition.

I contacted Animal Protection of NM to get media coverage for this horrible abuse case and got fast action by Heather Ferguson. By June 10th, we had KOAT-7 ready to do a story on him and wanted to do a live feed about him.
Wonderful foster mom Claire drove down with Trooper and met the news crew and Heather to get him some air time. His story was told and our group was referenced for anyone interested in adopting him. Within ten minutes of the first broadcast, we had three calls from folks wanting to adopt him. We have a very interested and potentially excellent home for him once he recovers sufficiently.

We were told that lots of folks called into the station offering donations to assist with his care. He has many follow up appointments still and will need to be neutered when healthy enough before we give him up for adoption.

He's got a long way to go for all of his injuries to heal and to gain the approximately 20 pounds his body needs. But he is now safe and will recover and be a great loving pet to the right family.

Update June 15 2010

This horrible case of abuse was covered by Channel 7 news recently as we took this situation to Animal Protection of NM. A $5,000 reward is being offered by APNM to find out who did this to sweet boy Trooper.

Update July 1 2010

Trooper  adopted! We are so pleased to report that the most wonderful family has adopted him, as a result of the TV coverage. The moment Trooper met Eric, it was instant love. Eric has experience in rehabilitating the abused as he adopted another dog used as "bait" in fighting dogs three years ago. His pit bull dog, Adonis is the calmest, most well adjusted, loved and secure dog! So we know that Trooper will come along just as well with Eric's great care. Trooper's injuries are mostly healed and he has gained almost 10 pounds. His badly swollen mouth, severely infected, now looks like a regular dog's mussel.  Eric reports that Trooper is a happy and frisky pup and is thriving in his new home. We have only received two donations for his vet expenses so far, so if you are able to donate for his care, please do.


Buck's story

Buck was abused, and had a hard life. A wonderful family came along and changed his life forever. Here's what the family wrote about him after taking him on a 14,000 foot hike in Colorado:

"The dog that you arranged for our daughter Kim is doing just great. That dog seemed to have been abused somewhat. It took a lot of work for Kim to have that dog trust her. Now the dog is a big lap dog and can't get enough love. Kim climbed a 14,000 ft up in Col. and she took the dogs with her and they did just fine".




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